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Deep Dive

The Transformative Life Coaching Program

Need a change?

Have you dedicated your life to the well-being of others and now crave personal growth?

Do you struggle to set boundaries?

Are you craving better relationships? With yourself, family members, and ex or coworkers? Or yearning to nurture a deeper connection with your spouse?

Are you navigating a life transition? New job, new home, new relationship, newly divorced, newly empty nester...

Have you spent a lifetime pouring your energy into caring for others, and now it’s your turn but you just can’t figure out how?

This is so overwhelming



People Pleaser?



You can have the life you want ​AND have time for yourself!

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It’s time to

feel good!

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Feeling good
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This program is the ​perfect opportunity to

and take your life in a ​positive direction!

end the struggle

Unlock your true potential with Deep Dive,

you deserve a life filled with peace, joy, and fulfillment.

What’s Included in the Deep Dive Program?

  • Weekly 1-Hour Coaching Sessions: Personalized ​guidance and support to help you navigate life’s ​challenges and achieve your goals.
  • Personalized Action Plans: Tailored strategies to ​ensure your progress and success.
  • Curated tools and resources to assist with integration
  • 24/7 Access to Coach Amber

Holistic Approach Combines:

    • Transformational Coaching Methods
    • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
    • Mindfulness and Meditation Practices

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Access to Group Workshops: Connect with a ​supportive community and deepen your learning.
  • Course Discount: Enjoy savings on future courses.

Secure your FREE Discovery Session to connect with Coach Amber to see if this program ​is the right fit for you.

I am here to assist you

I understand the overwhelming responsibility of tending to others' needs and ​struggling to have the experience that I want because I can’t seem to prioritize my ​needs. I've experienced the internal conflict of feeling not good enough and “Who do ​you think you are?” I'm familiar with the mixture of resentment from burnout and the ​sense of guilt and unworthiness when desiring more from life for yourself.

Don't let those internal narratives, burnout and limiting beliefs hold you back. It's time ​to break free from the cycle of sacrificing your own well-being. Let me help you heal, ​learn, grow, and thrive in this exciting new chapter of your life. Your dreams and ​aspirations are worth pursuing, and you deserve all the support and accountability to ​make them a reality.

What is different

about coaching?

Guidance and Expertise:

  • With Coaching: You benefit from a professional's experience, knowledge, and expertise. A coach ​provides proven strategies, tools, and techniques tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Alone: You may lack the knowledge and resources to effectively address your challenges and ​achieve your goals, often leading to frustration and slow progress.

Objective Perspective:

  • With Coaching: A coach provides an objective, unbiased perspective, helping you see blind spots, ​challenge limiting beliefs, and develop new insights. This can lead to breakthroughs that are ​difficult to achieve on your own.
  • Alone: It can be challenging to identify and address your own blind spots and limiting beliefs ​without an outside perspective, potentially hindering your progress.

Emotional Support:

  • With Coaching: A coach provides emotional support, encouragement, and motivation, helping ​you overcome setbacks and stay resilient in the face of challenges.
  • Alone: Facing challenges alone can be emotionally draining, making it harder to stay positive and ​motivated.

Why Choose Deep Dive?

Trying to navigate life's challenges without support can feel overwhelming, isolating or even make you lose motivation, making it harder to experience something different and better.

Coach Amber’s style takes a deep dive approach centring on the desires of her clients. Together we will focus on the experiences, beliefs and overcoming obstacles while building emotional resilience, cultivating self-awareness and growing spiritually to enhance your overall wellbeing and quality of life.

We won’t just look at your lifestyle, habits, or external factors. Through a combination of accountability, powerful coaching techniques and healing practices, we provide the tools and support you need to thrive. We will dive deep into transformative inner work that will completely change the way you experience life.

I believe in this work to my core. I GUARANTEE you will experience an inner shift or transformation. If not, you will get your money back.

Join me on this journey to unlock your true potential and transform your life from the inside out.